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Hotel Grafenstein d. Ainhauser Sieglinde
Via Verdines 32/B
39017 Scena

Tel. 0473 94 57 65
Fax 0473 94 36 33

VAT. 02462820214

Design, realization, technical support

Altea Software Srl
Via Siemens, 29
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 203334


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South Tyrol / Italy
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Since 2005 ADDITIVE as a tourism marketing agency supports leading tourism companies in the field of online hotel marketing with the first online marketing system based on data and marketing automation for hotels. Thanks to hotel marketing software in the areas of Hotel Marketing Automation - ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, Newsletter Software Hotel - ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER and Coupon Software for Hotels - ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS more direct bookings and turnover can be achieved and marketing and sales success can be measured transparently.

ADDITIVE stands for transparently measurable results, disruptive innovation as well as online marketing know-how in tourism. In the development of new hotel digital marketing and software solutions, ADDITIVE is always committed to data protection and GDPR compliance, more information on this can be found on this website under Data Protection/Privacy.