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Merano 2000 in winter: your unforgettable skiing holiday in South Tirol

In the winter months, the region of Merano really is (still) a secret gem:

Skiing, sledging, snowshoeing, or walking from one mountain hut to another on snow-covered, comfortable paths, or down in the valleys on the towpaths, following the famous “Tappeinerweg” and so much more. This time of year is quieter and one can enjoy the winter sun on the south side of the Alps, generally with fantastic weather and glorious views, ending the day in the cosy atmosphere around the hearth in our guesthouse.

During a skiing holiday in South Tirol you can experience pure romance. Watching the snowflakes floating down from the sky together, boosting your reserves in the wellness area and finding time for one another that we so rarely manage in the toasty and inviting bedrooms: this is how your winter break with us in Hotel Grafenstein could look.

Whizz around the pistes of the Merano 2000 ski resort, which is just a 5 minute drive by car, dance on the neighbouring natural ice rink, hire a sleigh or snow shoes – do whatever you want and make the most of your skiing holiday in South Tyrol.